There is no absoluteness or 100% on anything. However, as for dive troubles, we believe that we can reduce their possibility as much as unlimited. It's common to join watertight liability and accident insurance as diving service and instructors, and further, as the prevention(Important!) from them, we explain in pre-briefing about the best safety-process on the dive site you go to. In addition, our all instructors dive with emergency floats in their BCDs and dive alerts. Our all rental BCDs are equipped with emergency floats as well. In the case of doubtful condition, we change dive sites or cancel as professionals with explanation to your satisfaction.

Though you take this above as a matter of course, our instructors always keep in mind the resolute judgement and action as professionals. In addition, we are thorough to listen to your frank opinions and requests positively without indulging ourselves in the word of the professionals.


DIVELITE is one of the largest scale of diving service in Bali; on the 700 square meters land just in front of the sea, the shop, cafe, bathrooms, equipment washing place, equipment room, and parking lot gather. You can do anything here such as logging and drinking in the cafe looking at the sea, playback of your digital camera with AV, and afternoon nap.(You can get cheap massages as well.)


Further, from the private beach just in front of DIVELITE, you can have dive practices, go boat diving to the interesting sites, and go snorkeling.In addition, you can see the beautiful scenery from our shop such as: Mimpang and Tepekong island, which is one of the best diving sites, Nusa Penida and Lembongan islands, and if fine, Lombok as well. At night, you can see the Milky Way in the sky, and find constellations easily like a planetarium.


At last, there is the reasonable bungalow around at CANDIDASA village.


In our shop, full-time foreign diving-instructors, and Indonesian staffs of each section, help you to have your comfortable diving life. Our instructors have sufficient experiences of diving in Bali, and guide you underwater with safety and confidence. So, you can't have any anxiety about diving.



Max 4 divers dive boat 

Max 8 divers dive boat

We are waiting for you.


                                        Best Location dive center at Candidasa beach front