Q1  What was the experience of the dive guide or instructor  in charge of diving?

All the dive guides in charge have at least 20years  experience, more than 5000 dives in Bali.

We have over 20years of diving  instructor histry. so please participate in diving with confidence.


Q2 Where can I meet at the airport when asking for pickup?

First of all, domestic flight,  international flight and Bali airport will be the same site (distance of about 10 minutes walking), the arrival gate is different. When you receive the luggage, please go through the customs directly to the exit. At the exit waiting area, please look for a driver with our logo sign (lion fish logo).


The name of our shop is also included. At that time, we handed over the next day's dive schedule from the driver.
Q3 Its the continuation of the question of  but what should I do if  I cannot comply with the driver I pick up at that time?
The case where you cannot meet the driver is very rare, but it may not be the case that arrival at the airport will not be delayed due to road conditions. Also, there is a possibility that the inside of the airport is crowded and it is hard to see each other. In that case It's very sorry, but if you can find it a bit more and still cannot meet, will you call our shop at the telephone office in the airport? (The phone number is  0363-41660(till 18:00pm local time).


If you cannot contact our dive center , please contact the administrator 's mobile phone (0812-3632 - 6006  24 hours). In addition(only for emergency), we also call the driver's mobile phone at our dive center to check the circumstances.
Q4 Whats will be taken on the day if diving?
If you have diving equipment, C-card,  log book, towel (essential because the shower is bathed after diving),, sun oil, some money (However, lunch and drinks are included normaly during diving) etc.  However, we  cannot  take responsibility for theft, loss at the diving point, so please do not bring valuables.

In addition, the boat dive may become a catamaran called Jukung. In that case, there are ships that do not have a roof, so when you go out for diving, it is convenient to have a hat.
Q5 I felt sick during diving. How do you diving?
If you already started diving before the previous day, if you let us know by 12:00 pm the previous day  , you can cancel without cancellation charge, so please contact our dive center. (However, in the case of Nusa Penida Island, charge will be charged on account of the minimum capacity of the boat).


In addition, we cannot respond to the return of diving fee for one day due to circumstances such as the fact that we have already finished preparations for customers, etc. on the day of diving (or after 12:00pm the previous day) unfortunately.

Also, within the busy seasons, you cannot change the contents reserved in advance at the site. For details, please refer to the cancellation charge.

However, the problem here is the condition of the customer. I think that it is important to be rested slowly and prepare for the next day. Also, after arriving in Bali, please try to eat foods that have a lot of spices, not too strong spices for several days. Also, it may be safe to avoid drinks with ice.
Q6  What is the schedule for the first day of diving?
Schedule of the day (time has some errors depending on points) 08: 00am Each hotel picks up, our dive center collection, document description, equipment fitting on, after dive briefing, move point (direct boat, cars  moves, beach, boat  dive, etc.  It depends on the point  etc.). 09: 00am - 10: 00am 1st dive start, 11: 00am - 12: 00pm 2nd dive start.


In the case of Candidasa areas that  it's end in the morning for 2 dives) after the second dive will be logging and end .who wish need to enjoy 3 dives, night dives is welcome.14:00pm - 15: 00pm dive center return, who wish need to enjoy 3 dives, night dives is welcome.


In the case of Amed  and Tulamben areas that  it's end 2 dive  take a lunch then dive center  return  14:00pm  - 15:00pm.  logging and end .who wish need to enjoy 3 dives, night dives is welcome.


Q7 I want to go diving at the point where a sunfish is at once from the first day of diving?
It is a frequent question in the dry season (August - October) when  sunfish appear. First of all, the point where a sunfish is present is basically a diving point with some difficulty for experienced divers. The first day of diving, including those who are used for the first time at our dive center and those who are repeaters is called "check dive", we have chosen easy dive points. In order to grasp the skill level etc. of the divers, please also understand that we also prepare the preparation time to reduce stress by knowing the characteristics of our dive center  and guide even by customers.


Also, the point at which sunfish appears is not going to subside every day because it goes to the submarine after judging tide tidal time. Please plan the points where new customers will have sunfish in a schedule that you can afford. For details, please refer to the itinerary which it is likely to meet sunfish.

Therefore, we will refuse the request only for the point where there is a sunfish only for one day. For safe points, we accept reservations only for diving applicants for more than 3 days (new customers).
Q8 Please tell me about cancellation charges.
Cancellation charges are different from those for individual reservations, packages, for diving and hotels. For details, please refer to the cancellation charge as it is described. By the way, those who were booked by e-mail are already interpreted as having agreed on the contents of the cancellation charge.


Also, please be noted that during the busy season, if canceled due to customer's convenience of the site, the changed amount of the contents reserved in advance will be charged as a full charge as a cancellation charges.


Q9 What currency is available for payment?
For payment, cash (US $, EURO,JPY and  Indonesian Rupiah), credit card (VISA, MASTER) is possible. However, for credit cards, we will charge 3% plus the total amount plus payment amount.Payment in ruipah or credit card(in rupiah only) will converted  based on current USD cash selling rate .


Also, banknotes prior to 2006 of US dollar cash, banknotes that are cut, dirty bills, numbers starting with CB can not be used because banks in Indonesia do not accept money exchange. In the case of  Indonesian Rupiah, the exchange rate for the US dollar cash from the Indonesian Rupiah (Cash Selling Rate) of  PT.Dirgahayu Valuta Prima of the day is used.

In addition, payment of credit cards in US dollars using PAYPAL is also possible. However, in that case, we will add 5% plus payment amount. 
Q10 I heard that the water temperature in the sea area of sunfish will be low. Is there anything to be noted about equipment?
The time zone of the sunfish point appears to float in the shallow along with the cold water zone where the sunfish inhabits normally, so the water temperature will be low (sunfish tends to be below 23 ℃). Therefore, it would be better for you to have a 5-millimeter Fruits, Hood, or Hooded Vest. Rental of 5 mm fulls is also possible (size is limited), when the fabric is thick, it takes time and effort to wear, and not all of it to your body shape, so stress is applied until you get used to it .


There are customers who feel it. If you have your own wet suit, we recommend bringing your own wetsuit. Also, because the flow tends to be faster, it is convenient to use, that is, it is better to use your own fins. Also, since the water depth tends to be deep, a diving computer becomes essential. Although it is fine even if you rent here, please inform us.
Q11 A my family or friends take part in diving trip or snorkeling while I am on a day trip or a dive courses?
Yes, we can accommodate this in varius situations.
Q12 Do I need insurance?
The diving insurance is included in our dive tour, but since compensation amount is limited, We ask that guests always subscribeto to travel insurance etc.Cettified divers should have there own insurance like DAN.


Q13 What happens if the weather is bad?
The great thing about diving in Bali is that we have a wide variety of dive sites located in different areas of Bali. It is a very rare occasion that we are unable to dive due to weather and in this instance we will either move to an alternative dive location, reschedule your dive trip or offer a refund.


Q14 Can I still dive if I have a medical condition?
Most medical conditions do not prohibit you from diving, however you will need signed medical dive clearance.


Q15 Do you organise hotel transfers?
Free transfer is provided for all guests staying in Candidasa areas. For other city staying further afield we also arrange transport for a  additional fee.


Q16 Can you arrange accommodation for me?
Yes we have a good relationship with any class of accomodation which offers comfortable, please see here. 

We recommended you to make it a hotel that is within walking distance from the dive center.


Q17 How old do you need to be  able to dive?
Anyone over the age of 10 can learn to dive.


Q18 What is the diver to dive guide ratio?
At All 4 diving we have a maximum of 4 divers per dive guide. If you wish to have a private dive guide, please ask for availability and rates in advance.


Q19 How can I dive in a The secret cave discorered by DIVELITE?

To be satisfield with neutral buoyancy,experience of cave dive,having underwater light with brightness over 1000 lumens(not rented)


Q20 What is a check dive?

To those who use our dive center for the first time. As a check dive on the first day of diving, you will select dive points of Tulamben,Amed or Padang bai.


Q21 What kind boat do you use?
Bali style catamaran boat with 7 seater and 4 seater use.


Q22 What is the countermeasure against Mt.Agung's volcanic activity?

Current situation of Agung mountain eruption activity and countermeasure of our dive center.


On February 10, 2018 the Indonesian Volcanic Geological Disaster Countermeasure Bureau reduced the warning level to level 3 based on the fact that the volcanic activity has stabilized. The current hazardous area is within 4 km radius from the crater.

There is a distance of 27, 1 km from Agung mountain crater to Candidasa. There was never designated as a dangerous area 
announced by the Indonesian Volcanic Geological Disaster Countermeasure Bureau since the eruption activity, and there are no
cases where lava flowed to Candidasa even in the history of volcanic eruption of this century.
From Agung mountain to Candidasa there are many mountain ranges and I believe that the natural environment where lava etc.
can not flow directly will be affected.
Even after the Agung mountain eruption activity to the present for diving activity, it is
operating normally without any problems.
However, in order to minimize anxiety

Before Bali arrival:

No cancellation charge required. If the Candidasa area is designated as a dangerous area due to the influence of Agung 
Mountain Volcano, regardless of the cancellation provision, we will not charge a cancellation charge for diving and transferring ourdive center. When booking a hotel through our dive center, it follows the provisions of the hotel.
After Bali arrival: No cancellation charge required. If Candidasa area is designated as a hazardous area due to the influence of Agung Mountain
Volcano, we will not receive a cancellation charge for the following diving. We will also support you as much as possible, such as pick-up and drop off to the airport, confirmation of airplane, arrangement of changes.
We also collect the latest information and promptly disclose to customers. In some cases, we support dust masks, Move to the
airport to Java Island or Lombok Island,(assuming Bali airport closed) etc.

By the way, the insurance company will respond to insurance claims in case of natural disasters. Although it is obvious that you will be subscribed to overseas accident insurance, please also check the insurance content even in the customer in advance.

Until now, although Candidasa does not interfere with diving activities, disasters that can not be predicted depending on the 
situation of natural activities can not be denied.