Prices for 2022ver.

Welcome for single diver!


Since we opened, no single diver charge(except Optional dive sites...)


Dairly diving trips(for certified divers)


Price include:2 tanks, weights/a weight belt, drinks, guide instructors, picking up and sending off in Candidasa area



Regular divesites 
Tulamben,Amed (18 beach dive sites) No single charge                                                         

Candidasa,Padangbai,Amed(12 boat dive sites)*min2pax                                                        USD110.00                                                              

Biaha Island,Seacret Cave and Lipah wreck(5 boat dive sites)*min2pax                                       USD120.00                                                                                 



Optional dive sites


Gili Selang(1  boat site) *min4px                                                                                                      USD140.00                              
                                              Nusa Penida Crystal bay and manta Point*min4px                                                                           USD160.00


Night dive

You can enjoy night diving in DIVELITE where is close to any dive sites. Night dive sites will be the Liberty Wreck in Tulamben, or Blue Lagoon in Padangbai, which are great to enjoy diving safely.


TULAMBEN Liberty Wreck:*min2px                                                                                                     USD60.00
Padangbai Bluelagoon:*min2px                                                                                                         

Price include:1 tanks, weights/a weight belt, drinks, guide instructors, taxies and picking up and sending off in Candidasa area


Extra dive

It's easy in DiveLite to dive three or four times because you do not have to use your much time to move to dive sites.

Extra beach dive*min2px                                                                                                                    USD30.00 Extra boat dive*min2px                                                                                                                       USD40.00                                                


Rental Equipment

BCD,REG,WET,Snorkel set,Dive computar                                                                                             USD5.00 Full set(Not include dive computar)                                                                                                    USD20.00
UW CameraUW Camera                                             USD10.00 NItrox Tank12l/15l Large Air Tank                                                                                                       

Snorkeling Tour(accompanying divers) *min2px                                                                                USD40.00                                                                                  


Dive Courses


Our diving courses are based on the systems of international diving agents whichi is PADI . The active instructor is in our shop, and all courses to the Divemaster course are possible. AS a  PADI instructor since 1987. We have certified over 3000 students.

Intoroductry Course (1dive + 1 lession dive)                                                                                   USD100.00


One-day introductory diving for those who have Never dived before or do Not have the license. With one swimming-suit, you can experience the wonderful underwater world in Bali easily. In our shop, one instructor guides 2 people maximum, and makes steps such as lectures with the video, use of your equipment in shallow water where you can stand up, and going underwater. Therefore, you can relax and keep your pace with much less stress to enjoy diving.

Open Water Diver Course (4days)                                                                                                     USD530.00                                                                                                 
PADI Certification course. When you can get this license, you can dive anywhere in the world and get service by each diving agent. PADI course includes manual,dive-table ,log-book,certification e-card and full rental equipment.
We do not e-learing.Manual traning only.

Advanced Open Water Course(2 days)                                                                                              USD430.00                                            
The enjoyable course to improve your skill in 5(PADI) dives of different circumstances.PADI Advanced open water course includes manual,slate ,certification e-card and full rental equipment.
 We do not e-learing.Manual traning only.




Tourist Taxies



There is an additional charge of Rp30,000(USD2..00)for Bali Area/Rp100,000(USD7.00)for Nusa Penida per person for activities such as diving and snotrkeling tour for day. 





 Airport transfer(to/from Candidasa one way . Licencecd car)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                USD50.00                                                                                                                             






To those who use our dive center for the first time.

As a check dive on the first day of diving, you will select dive points of Tulamben,Amed or Padang bai.