Airport Transfer, Accommodation and Diving are all included.Special package prices!
The price for per pax

Diving, Meals, Nap, Chatting, Have Fun Anything

Prices for 2018 ver.

Prices for 2018 ver.

Hotel info:

Puri Pandan Bungalows 

Segara Wanji

Puri Bagus Candidasa






Package Alphabet A to S

Puri Pandan Bungalows 

With a hot shower
and delicious breakfast


Segara Wanji

Center location in town



Puri Bagus Candidasa

Luxury hotel and

quit location

             Package Alphsabet- PP             Package Alphabet-SW Package Alphabet-PB


2persons 1room    /    1person   1room

 Segara Wanji

2persons 1room/1person 1room


Puri Bagus Candidasa

2persons 1room/1person 1room


A)3nights4days4dives 298 373 299 405 405 620
 414  497  416 540  559 829
 530  621 533 675  713 1038
D)6nigghts7days 10dives
 646  745  650 810 867 1247
Bonus dive free↓ 


Bonus dive free↓ 


 ↓Bonus free equipment↓
 762  869 767 945 1021 1456
 878  993 884  1080 1175 1665
 994  1117 1001 1215 1329 1874
 1100  1241 1118 1350 1483 2083
 1226  1365 1235 1485 1637 2292
Bonus more dive free↓           
 1342  1489 1352 1620 1791 2501
 1458  1613 1460 1755 1945 2710
 1574  1737 1586  1890 2099 2919
 1690  1861 1703 2025 2253 3128
 1806  1985 1820 2160 2407 3337
 ↓Bonus one  more dive free↓            
O)17nights18days32dives  1922  2109 1937 2295 2561 3546
P)18nights19days34dives  2038  2233 2054 2430 2715 3755
Q)19nights20days36dives  2154  2357 2171 2565 2869 3964
R)20nights21days38dives  2270  2481 2288  2700 3023 4173
S)21nights22days40dives  2386  2605 2405  2835 3177 4382
The currency is USD                  Please contact us if you want to make a book  more than 22nights packages.


The Prices include: all the breakfasts during the stay, drinks, snaks,accommodation, transport between Candidasa and the airport, facilities fee and guide instructor etc.


Special Bonus!!


Extra 1 dive is given for free! to the person who applied for more than <D>. Further, to the person more than <I>, extra 2 dives are given for free. Free dive sites must be Tulamben,Padangbai and Amed area. Free equipment to the person who applied for more than <E >7nights 8days 12dives



Welcome single diver!


Regular dive sites are Tulamben,Amed for shore dives(16 dive sites).


Amed ,Candidasa,Padang Bai and *Tulamben areas(Total 18 dive sites) by boat dive will be charge $10 per day.


*1 boat,1 shore dive.

Optional dive sites and minimum numbers::

P.J and Selang Island(min two(2) divers) is held with the addition of  $40 per day.  Nusa Penida Island is held with the addition of $50 and four(4) divers minimum .Even in the case of less than 3 divers, it could be held by sharing the boat with other shops, so please ask the staffs for the details. And additional dives are at the bargain prices, too. (extra dive-$30-beach or $40-boat and two(2) divers minimum . 


To those who use our dive center for the first time.

As a check dive on the first day of diving, you will select dive points of Tulamben,Amed and PadangBai.


*Tours to Tepekong,Mimpang,Biaha and Selang Island are also held depending on the condition and the level of divers.


Only for the package applicants, full rental equipment becomes US$10 per day, if necessary.

Extension of the stay and additional dives are welcomed, too.

Puri Panda Bungalows; $25.00-Single, $30.00-Double per night.Puri Pandan Bungalows is with a hot shower , AC and breakfast).

Segara Wanji; -Single or Double per night.
Extra night is USD35 per standard  cottage. Upgrade Superior room will be extra charge $13 per room a day. Family room will be extra charge $33 per room a day.


High season 1st July to 31st August will be charge $5.00 per room a day.

Segara wanji  is with an air-conditioner, a hot shower and breakfast.


Puri Bagus Candidasa;-Single or Double per night.  Extra night is USD110 per garden view villa. Upgrade Deluxe sea view villa will be extra charge $35 per room a day.  High season 1st July to 31st August will be charge $25.00 per room a day.

A package by other designation of accommodation is OK, too. Please tell us your favorite hotel chosen from our HP, and it will be estimated.

Please plan your trip to be able to get your flight at least 18 hours(commendation 24 hours) after your last dive.



DIVELITE diving Package is different! Not only cheapness.


1) Even if you are only 1 participant, without any extra fees, we guide you the sea in Bali steadily.
2) Free transport to & from "Teganan" which is the native Balinese village near Candidasa.
3) The guidance of the sea is conducted by an abundantly experienced instructor.
4) The tour to dynamic Tepekong, Mimpang or Biaha is also held depending on the condition and the level of divers.
5) The habit of marine life and geographical features etc on each dive site are introduced in detailed pre-briefing, so you can enjoy also before diving. Further, logging after dives is also conducted steadily.
6) After dives, equipment is washed and kept in DIVELITE.
7) We never do diving pressed for time. Persistently by your pace, the most suitable dive site on that day is guided.
8) Your requests are asked before diving. Please tell us anything selfish, like fish you want to see or your dive style etc. We never neglect the effort to go along your hope.
9) The sea in front of DiveLite is shallow and has lots of small fish! If you want to dive more after your regular dives, you can dive with your buddy in front of DiveLite as well.

10)Free coffee and cold water and free WI-FI in our dive center.



How to apply; When you(1 applicant) choose Puripandan bungalows  and 3night 4days 4dives, please write PP-A and apply to BOOKINGFORM.