Airport Transfer, Accommodation and Diving are all included.Special package prices!
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Diving, Meals, Nap, Chatting, Have Fun Anything



Puri Pandan Bungalows 

Segara Wangi Cottage

Puri Bagus Candidasa



 Twin 2pax 1 bed roomn

 Single 1pax a bed room


Puri Pandan  



 Segara Wangi



       Puri Bagus   

             Package-Number PP      Package-Number SW


Twin      Single


 Twin   Single


Twin  Single

A)3nights4days4dives 298 373 307 420 405 620
 414  497  426 560  559 829
 530  621 546 700  713 1038
D)6nigghts7days 10dives
 646  745  665 840 867 1247
↓Bounus 1 free dive↓ 


↓Bounus 1 free dive 


 ↓Bounus free equiopment ↓

 762  869 785 980 1021 1456
 878  993 904  1120 1175 1665
 994  1117 1024 1260 1329 1874
 1100  1241 1143 1400 1483 2083
 1226  1365 1263 1540 1637 2292
↓Bounus 1 more free dive    ↓Bounus 1 more free dive      
 1342  1489 1382 1680 1791 2501
 1458  1613 1502 1820 1945 2710
 1574  1737 1621  1960 2099 2919
 1690  1861 1741 2100 2253 3128
 1806  1985 1860 2240 2407 3337
↓Bounus 1 more free dive      ↓Bounus 1 more free dive      
O)17nights18days32dives  1922  2109 1980 2380 2561 3546
P)18nights19days34dives  2038  2233 2099 2520 2715 3755
Q)19nights20days36dives  2154  2357 2219 2660 2869 3964
R)20nights21days38dives  2270  2481 2338  2800 3023 4173
S)21nights22days40dives  2386  2605 2458  2940 3177 4382
                      Prices for 2022 ver.  

Price includes:Accomodation,Breack fast,Airport Transfer(RT),Diving(2dive per day),Dive guide, Snack,Drinks,Dive Guide.

Nitrox(12L),Large tank(15L air) will be charges USD5 per tank if you requested.


Specila Bounus
Customers who apply for the above packages will receive an additional dive for 1 dive. For (D),(I), (N) or above, 1 additional dive will be provided as a service (2 or more divers will operate, if there is only 1 diver, the service will not be available).


The additional dive service will be a daytime dive after the normal 2 dives in Tulamben, Amed and Patanbai areas. However, additional dives may not be possible due to sea conditions, number of people (minimum number of participants is 2 divers), etc. Additional dive services are not refundable or creditable for future use. If you would like an additional dive service, please let us know by the day before. In addition, for customers who apply for (E) or above, all rental equipment during the package period will be free (basic equipment excluding underwater lights and dive computers). In order to prevent corona infection, those who rent a regulator should prepare their own mouthpiece or purchase it at our dive center (USD 10.00)



The basic diving points are a total of 18 beach dives facing the northeastern part of Bali.


In the case of boat diving, USD10.00 per day will be charged separately.


Biha Island, Secret Cave (underwater light required), Lipa Wreck will cost USD20.00 per day separately.


In addition, Tulamben's boat dive is 1 boat and 1 beach.


Early morning dives will be charged USD10.00 per day for 2 dives per day (minimum 2 divers).


P.J equivalent to Expedition Optional Points Surcharge, $40.00 for Serang Island and $60.00 surcharge for Nusa Penida Island (Manta Points).  


In addition, we will basically operate a diving tour even for one person, but early morning and night dives will be held if the minimum number of participants is 2 divers PJ, Gili Serang Island, and Nusa Penida Island. In addition, even if the minimum number of participants is not reached, we can also hold a tour by sharing the boat with other shops or paying an additional fee. Please contact us for more information.


Additional dives (more than 3 dives per day) are also welcome (beach dive $30.00, boat dive $40.00, night dive $60 (beach)/70 (boat).


For additional dives, the minimum number of participants is 2. (Additional charge of $10.00 for 1 person), additional dives will be in the same diving area. For additional dives when points are transferred, only one dive will be charged as a transfer fee plus $10.00).


In addition, *Rp30,000 (equivalent to USD2.00)**Rp100,000 (equivalent to USD7.00) for one day, please pay the Bali tourist tax separately. * Diving area in Bali ** Diving area in Nusa Penida Island.


Only for those who apply for a package, if you need full equipment rental, it will be $10 per day. If you rent equipment, you don't have to worry about exceeding the weight of the plane even if you buy a lot of souvenirs. In addition, if you apply for the <E> plan or above, all rental equipment will be free (however, if you need a diving computer or underwater light, you will be charged separately).


We also welcome extended stays and additional dives at the hotel.


Puri Pandan Bungalow AC room is $25.00 for single and $30.00 for double for one night.


There are twin bed rooms and double bed rooms, so please let us know which type you prefer when making a reservation. If there is no particular designation, it will be a random designation for hotel convenience.


Puri Pandan has hot shower, AC, breakfast and free wifi.


Segara Wangi is $40.00/day for both single and double rooms (designated standard room). All rooms are double bedrooms (one bed) except 1 twin bed  for standard room.


Please add USD13.00 for superior room and $33.00/day (1 room) for family room.


There is a high season charge of $5.00 per day (per room) for standard, superior and family rooms from July 1st to August 31st.


Segara Wanji is equipped with air conditioning, hot shower, refrigerator, TV, welcome drink, in-room safe, breakfast, swimming pool and free WIFI.


Puri Bagus Candidasa is $110.00 (Garden View) per room for both single and double per night. If you change to deluxe, add $35.00/day (1 room) for calculation. There is a high season charge of $25.00/day (per room) from July 1st to August 31st.


Puri Bagus Candidasa is equipped with air conditioning, hot shower, bathtub, refrigerator, TV, outdoor safety box, welcome drink, breakfast, swimming pool, spa and free WIFI.


There are twin bed rooms and double bed rooms, so please let us know which type you prefer when making a reservation.


Packages of other designated hotels introduced on the HP are also OK. Please select the hotel of your choice from the website and contact us. We will quote separately.


2 dives per day is the basic dive pattern. In the case of cancellation due to personal reasons (such as poor physical condition) on the day of diving, 2 dives per day will be counted.


Please plan to board the plane at least 18 hours (recommended 24 hours) after the last dive. Regarding decompression sickness, it has been reported that even if you follow the instructions of the dive computer, it may develop depending on the physical condition of the day and individual differences. In our shop, we comply with no-decompression diving, and in order to further increase safety, we perform a safe decompression stop for at least 3-5 minutes, but we also ask customers to check and understand their physical condition management and diving plan before diving before diving.



For diver's who use our dive-center for the first time and divers who have been away from diving for a while, on the first day of diving, we call it a check-dive and select a calm and easy-to-dive point in each area, such as Tulamben, Amed, and Patanbai. After the next day, we will decide the diving point plan according to the diver's diving experience and sea conditions.Our package is different here! Price is not the only selling point. Below are some of the benefits


1) Even if only one person participates, basic points will be provided without additional charge, and we will guide you through the sea of Bali.


2) We will pick you up free of charge at any time if you have a car (or motorbike) to the Bali native village "Teganan Village" near Candidasa.


3) Your dive-guide is 100% guided by our experienced instructors.


4) Depending on the diver's experience and sea conditions, we also organize tours to Mimpan Reef, Tepekon, Biha, Serang Island.


5) A detailed briefing introduces point-by-point creature habits, underwater shapes, and more. Logging after the end of the dive is also done well.


6) After diving, if you wish, we will clean and store your equipment (long-term storage will be free of charge for up to 2 years).


7) We do not do diving on time. We give priority to the schedule from the diver's point of view.


8) We will heraring to your diving requests before diving starts. Please tell us anything, such as the fish species you want to see, your favorite diving style, etc. We will do our best to meet your request.


9) The diving point in front of our dive-center is shallow and rich in macro creatures. Those who do not dive can enjoy Buddy Dive (However, there are times when you cannot dive due to the ebb and flow of the tide).


10) Coffee, tea and mineral water in the store are free.


11) More than 1000 paperback books and guidebooks in the store can be borrowed at any time during your stay.


12) Free WIFI is available in the store during your stay.


13) We also accept travel consultation in Bali. In addition, we will introduce hotels and rafting in Bali at a very cheap rate.


14) If you wish, we will take you to dinner, mainly local food.


15) If you are staying at a hotel near Candidasa where you need to move your car, we will provide a free round trip transfer. However, in the case of an early morning dive, please arrange a car yourself.



Application method:


Please access the reservation form, fill it out, and apply. For inquiries, please contact info@divelite.com.


If you would like to include a non-diving day during the period, please specify a separate rest day and let us know. In that case, the days you do not dive will be counted as extended nights.


In addition, in the case of 2 people in 1 room, the schedule for transportation, diving, etc. will be the same. If only one person takes a rest during the package period, the diving person will be calculated as a normal diving. Also, if you choose to pick up and drop off separately, one person will be charged separately. Please check your email for details.


Please note that the free transfer included in the package is not limited to Bali airport, *Kuta, Sanur, Ubud area is also possible (additional charge depending on location). In addition, you may be seated with other customers when picking up and dropping off. In addition, if the arrival time of the flight is close (assuming the flight is within 1 hour of the scheduled arrival time), we may ask you to wait for a while until other customers arrive.


For cancellation charges, please refer to cancelling charges.


Prices for 2022 ver.